Fitzgerald Frisby Landscape Architecture provide landscape architecture and urban design services. The practice has a reputation for considered design and management responses that are both practical and inspiring.

FFLA has a particular strength in the processes of landscape architecture and urban design that comes from the analysis and understanding of a place. This includes the identification of opportunities, understanding constraints, and then developing site specific design solutions that are responsive to the site context.

Every project is different. Our project-specific approach seeks to resolve the challenges and opportunities offered by particular projects and places to be realised. Outcomes are achieved through effective collaborations with clients, stakeholders, artists and other design professionals to ensure that all aspects of a project are considered in an integrated way throughout the design process.

The following provide general guiding principles regarding the FFLA approach to projects:

  • Community engagement should help to set the agenda for the design process, and provide inspiration to it.
  • Design must strive for deeper outcomes than the visual appeal of patterns, shapes and forms. It should seek to create connections to community and place, working with the stories and people that exist rather than smothering the old with the new.
  • Sustainability can be difficult to define, but needs to go beyond words to provide real and measurable results if it is to meet the challenges faced by contemporary society.
  • Experimenting with new processes and techniques ensures that design remains interesting and informed.
  • Research as a part of the design process rarely goes unrewarded.
  • Collaboration with the right people creates better outcomes. Involving collaborators early in the design process ensures issues and opportunities are identified early and dealt with in an integrated way.
  • Outcomes of the design process must be practical and robust. They should also strive to be good value, valued and valuable.

FFLA has experience in a very broad range of large and small projects and offers a full range of landscape architectural and urban design services from site assessment through to administration of construction contracts and beyond. 

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