FFLA aims to provide a creative, healthy and fulfilling work place for all of our staff. FFLA is aware of responsibilities to staff and seeks to reduce our environmental impact.

FFLA provides a well resourced, creative environment to enable our team to work effectively and efficiently. The quality of the work environment is enhanced by natural light  and indoor plants. We support 'fairtrade' programs and prioritise the purchase of consumerables with recycled content such as office paper with a 100% recycled content. The office has public transport across the road and covered bicycle parking is provided at our office.

FFLA is committed to staff development, equality and providing opportunities for professional development. Our office has a variety of project types which enables staff to develop skills in all aspects of landscape architecture and urban design. This includes participation in design competitions, industry awards programs and probono projects. FFLA supports staff in the contribution they make to the advancement of our profession, community groups and education.